October 24, 2019


We took time in understanding our clients needs and how they wanted their website to look like and acted accordingly with our professional workings. SEO friendly content resulted in increased views and helped our client grow their customer base in his service area.

The Brief

The initial website of Genesis Beginner was smart but lacked many key details. Our client wanted a very smart layout and higher ranking in search results for the website. They wanted higher page views and decreased bounce back rate for the website.

Our Approach

We initiated the project by researching market's established competitors and see what they had to offer on their websites and grab the maximum opportunities for our client's benefit. We made a list of keywords and created relevant content for the website to make it SEO friendly. We added professional layout and bold colours to make it engaging, placing elements such as contact details, work expertise and customer testimonials at key places helps to funnel the visitors to successful conversion, the elements are created to display Genisis Beginner's services effectively and showcase their service area and build trust.

The Result

After the relaunch of the website, we observed higher ranking in search results and the traffic on the website increased by 120%. Visitors started spending more time on the website which benefited our client to get more customer over the call and the number is constantly growing ever since. Simply by revamping the website our client saved loads of money which they would have spent in marketing strategies and get 50% of the outcome they are getting now through organic customers. It feels great to have happy clients!

Old Site Preview

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