April 6, 2017

Project: Podblade

Making a website for Podblade was very fun because the client had very clear demand and upon using our expertise we were able to deliver our client a very professional, viewer engaging, search engine optimized website which gave our clients many customers organically without using extra marketing.
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The Brief

The owners of podblade wanted a viewer engaging website which would attract customers organically and compete with established competitors. They wanted simple classic designs which looks professional yet not boring the bounce the traffic it got.

Our Approach

We kicked off the project by thoroughly researching the market and listing what the market leaders had to offer on their website to grab maximum opportunities for our client. With a list of keywords in hand we made content SEO friendly which increased website's visibility in search results. We gave the website a simple layout and tastefully added the elements like contact details and service packages at primary locations to make the website more customer engaging. We asked our clients to add in testimonials of their successful customer because it gains the trust of potential customers.

The Result

Upon launching the website we observed that it was already outranking the established competitors in search results and gained huge traffic. Enlisting the feedback points of our client we were able to give them viewer engaging website which gave my client consistently growing customer base in their area of service. Our client was both happy and satisfied with the outcome. It's great to have happy customers!
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