March 18, 2020


The needs of our client were very clear and straight forward which made our work easier because we laid out a simple structure and started working on it to get results. The elements and content were framed to fulfill clients needs and fetch desired results.

Aditya Raj

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The Brief

Our client WordPress Hosting Rating wanted a simple yet classic website which displayed all the services they offered prominently accompanied by relevant content. They wanted a website which could compete with the established market leaders and had high search rankings.

Our Approach

We initiated the project by framing out the elements needed for the website and arranged them all in a very planned and elegant manner to make the website look simple yet appealing. Upon market research we brought up an in hand keywords list and added content on the website which was SEO friendly and would later fetch high rankings in search results. All the elements added to the website were well thought of and contact details were shared on the website to make it more engaging and fetch more potential customers.

The Result

Upon the launch of the website the page views increased consistently and linearly. The visibility in search result were commendable and our client's customer base in their area of service started to grow. Many queries were made over call and many potential clients were attracted from the website. Our client was impressed by the results and customer base they attracted organically. It's great to have happy clients!

Old Site Preview

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