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July 29, 2020

Project: WhiteBoard Finance

WhiteBoard Finance is a digital media company focused on creating content to help others empower themselves through financial education.
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The Brief

WhiteBoard Finance is an investment exclusive company that has a huge impression on twitter and had an extended fan base limited to YouTube before they were my client. They reached out to us with only a domain name of their choice, but no website whatsoever. Their only demand from their website was to reach out to their target audience aka customers beyond YouTube, in real life. People who wanted to learn about investing, understand how to make their money work for them, basically people who are looking for guidance in personal finance.

Our Approach

Initially, the project started with thorough research on the market competitors of WhiteBoard Finance to know what they all are working upon and grab any and every opportunity we could to get our client the best of the market. We created the initial stage keyword intended website pages which maximises the successful visitor conversions. We create a strong keyword list in hand and built out a framework that focuses on SEO to increase presence in search results. The end result of the website came out to be very elegant and sophisticated with contact details positioned tactfully. All WhiteBoard Finance’s services were given prominent positions keeping in mind that they are easily accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.

The Result

Old Site Preview
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