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Website Management

Understand your business but not websites? No problem!
No long term contract. Cancel anytime.

Owning and managing your website has never been easier.

Stallion Cognitive offers a completely hands-off yet effective website maintenance service. With years of experience under our belt, you can rest assured that we will do all that is to be done from fixing errors to optimizations to installing updates, so that your visitors always get the best web experience you can offer as a business.

Here’s What You Get with
Our Care Plan Services

There are a lot of things that go into managing and running a website efficiently. But with our plans, you can just focus on growing your business and leave your website worries in the hands of our experts.

Software Updates

WordPress is constantly evolving, and so should be your website. WordPress releases a lot of updates on a regular basis, and we make sure your website is always updated and optimized.

Website Backups

Your business must never go down with your website. Regular cloud backups of your website and data help you get up and running in no time in case it ever gets hacked.

Backup Retention

We keep your backups stored with us for a specific period of time depending on the plan you choose. The more premium your plan, the longer your backup data stays with us.

Security Monitoring

A hacked website is the last thing you would want as a business owner. So we constantly monitor your website for any security threats and deal with them before your business has to!

Speed Optimization

A fast loading time comes with a host of benefits for your website and for your business,and we make a wide range of optimizations to make your website load as fast as it possibly could.

Monthly Report

You must know what kind of value we are bringing for your business. And monthly reports are designed to do just that, with complete transparency, and in a language you understand.

Private Support

There are smaller technical tasks related to your content – like replacing an image or changing the title of one of your pages – that you may not know how to perform yourself. We help you with these tasks too!

Uptime Monitoring

If your website isn’t staying up all the time, you’re likely losing many of your customers. We keep monitoring your site to make sure it’s always running, and quickly fix things in time if it goes down.

Training Videos

You may need to operate some areas of your website to handle your customer data and other important aspects of your business. We have helpful training videos that will help you perform all these basic tasks with ease.

Website Care Plan Options

No long term contract. Cancel anytime.

Basic Necessities

Perfect for portfolio sites
Billed monthly
Optimized Shared Hosting
Monthly WordPress Tune-Ups
Cloud Backups (Every week)
Backup Retention (30 days)
Content Updates (1 hour)
Uptime Monitoring
Training Videos
Priority Support via Help Desk
Monthly Report


Excellent for small businesses
Billed monthly
Everything from Basic plus:
Optimized VPS Hosting
Weekly WordPress Tune-Ups
Cloud Backups (Every 24 hours)
Backup Retention (30 days)
Content Updates (3 hours)
Security Monitoring
Brute-force protection
Database Optimization
Malware Removal
Outage Recovery


Solution for enterprise websites
Billed monthly
Everything from Optimize plus:
Dedicated VPS Hosting
Differential Backups
Cloud Backups (Every 6 hours)
Backup Retention (60 days)
Real-time Data Dashboard
Broken Link Checking
Dedicated Email Support
Hourly Support Rate ($100/hr)

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If you are a new customer looking to jump into one of our WordPress Care Plan then please fill this out. We will look into your website and get in touch via email with next steps!
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Website Care Plans FAQs

How does CONTENT updates work?
A content update to your website by your end might take up a lot of your precious time, but it would typically take our team less than 30 minutes to do. You can send us as many of those as you'd like during the month and we'll take care of them for you.

All you need to do is send is the things that you want to get posted like, a blog or updating content on a page, additional images into a gallery, adding FAQs, and if you want to remove a team member, add an item to your online store, etc. You need to provide those items to our team for us to get it done, for you.

NOTE: If we find something in your ticket will take up an additional section on your page that will require one of our designers or developers, we will let you know along with an estimate up-front to take care of that for you!
What all is included in WordPress fine-tune?
Here is all that we do for you, and no, we are not making you count.

- We create an immediate backup of your website.
- Install the latest version of the WordPress Core as soon as it hits the market.
- We update all Plugins that are compatible with the WordPress Core you’re using.
- Update all Themes.
- We check your custom theme for conflicts.
- We check your console for any coding issues or security issues.
- Scan for malware is a must.
- We test the visual appearance of your website.
- Redeploy your upgraded site back to the production servers.
- And test your main contact form.
- And all this is done on a regular basis to make sure your website runs on its optimal conditions.
Can't I just do a Tune-Up myself?
You definitely could do it by yourself but it is not recommended.

Firstly because, it’s a time taking task and you have better things to worry about, Secondly it’s because you might end up messing your entire website by just one click which could not be undone and you end up losing way more money when you get professional help to revamp it.

Our team has the expertise to work on websites, also we have special tools that make this process smooth and the knowledge of what to do when it doesn't go as planned. So give us the trouble of taking care of your website and you can take care of the other things.
“I’ve been working with Aditya since 2019 for web design & SEO and it has been a pleasure. I have referred him to a dozen people already, and all of them have been very glad that I made that suggestion.”
Ryan Scribner Testimonial
Ryan Scribner
Can anyone hack my website?
We design these care plans to ensure to avoid that happening to your website but, it can happen.

Sometimes you can be a target of an exploit that is unknown at the time that we’re doing maintenance on your website. But if that does happen we will be by your side to solve your issues and we’ll make sure that we get your site restored to a recent backup with the malware is removed.
How do you store backups?
Our backups are stored in a cloud, we also have a local version made up of your website. So at any given point, we have 3 versions of your site that we can pull from in the time of need.
How does support work?
If you take up any one of our Website Care Packages, you will have access to our support team and if you need any additions to your website not covered in your care package then we will let you know along with an estimate up-front to take care of that for you!
How does the billing work?
We set you up on an auto-payment mode through our accounting software and you’ll be billed on the date of the month we start service until you cancel. If you fail to pay within 14 days of your payment date and we’ve notified you to the best of our ability, we reserve the right to provide you with a backup of your site and remove it from our servers.
Do I have any restrictions on the content I can host?
We require you to meet terms with our content rules, while we do not actively oversee your website content, we also DO NOT ALLOW the hosting of pornographic, racist, sexist, or violent materials. If we’ve chosen to work together then it’s not likely to be the issue. If we are made aware of any such issues with compliance with this, then we reserve the right to provide you a site backup and shut you down.