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Written by Aditya Raj Singh on May 7, 2020
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WordPress Website Care Plans Explained - Essential For Your Business

Do you ever wonder what's the fuss of having a fast performing website is all about? Why people spend so much on their websites instead of just keeping the profits in their pockets and spending it in luxuries. How can a simple setup on the internet be so essential for their businesses that more than half of the time people keep working on it to perfect it?

Here’s why…

A business person is quite aware that he needs to put up a website on the internet to show his work and services to the people across the globe, but you just cannot put up a website and simply forget about it. You need to take care of your website.

Why do you need to maintain your website?

What happens when you buy a new motorcycle? It gives you happiness, a sense of pride within you that you are something in this world. It takes you places and make you popular amongst your friends.

But imagine what would happen if you don’t maintain your motorcycle? It’ll start looking tattered, might stop, and get you stuck in the middle of the road, and eventually your friends will find excuses to not sit on your bike to avoid the embarrassment they feel when they are with you.

Now imagine the same scenario with your website. How are these two things similar, you ask? It is a much known saying that “If we take care of things, they last!”

If you don’t maintain your website and don’t update it on regular basis then the website will start looking messy, it might crash when visitors load increases and potential clients might choose against working with and you lose a lot of business just because you thought that you don’t need to maintain your website.

What would go wrong if you don’t maintain your website?

  • Your website can be hacked
  • Hosting site might take your website offline
  • Messed up display
  • Major Bugs

Much more can go wrong if you don’t maintain your website.

Benefits of updating your website

Timely maintaining your website brings its own set of benefits when your company and brand.

  • Timely updates maintain the website to perform optimally.
  • Decreases its loading time.
  • Update word press plugin decreases the downtime and uptime of the website.
  • Regular check-ups keep the website smart and attractive looking which engages visitors.
  • Your website remains free from bugs and malware.

Why should you never try to update your website by yourself?

Sometime back a very dear friend of mine lost his dream client even after the amount of effort he made and sleepless nights he spent to working, drafting quotations and pitching to the client he wanted, but what he forgot was to update his website.

When his client opened his website, the home page was a disaster, all the elements had gone haphazard because he was using an outdated word press plugin and his quotation PDFs were a menace of malware.

All this nuisance caused his client to decide against working with him and the worst part was he didn’t even know about it.

And when he did understand the problem, he tried to take care of it all by himself and he clicked on a wrong plugin and the website crashed.

Then he came to me for help, not only it took me hours to update each element of the website, but he had to pay a couple thousand dollars as a penalty for his mistake of playing with the wrong plugin.

If you are not extremely experienced with websites, then you should not try to update your website by yourself or you might end up losing your hard-earned money. It always costs more money to fix than to maintain!

Why do you need a professional to maintain your website?

Why do we need an expert doctor to perform our surgeries? Why do we need an expert teacher to teach us? Would you like it if your new Motorcycle is repaired by someone who knows nothing about bikes?

No, you will go to a mechanic to get your bike fixed because even if you know how to fix it, you will not devote so much time and let the mechanic do his job.

Because they are someone who is experts in our needs and they very well know what they are doing.

Similarly, we need a website expert to look after and maintain the website, because they know what they are doing, they know about the latest updates and how to bring in the best outcomes for our websites, also learning and worrying about something which you know nothing about takes a lot of your precious time which you can easily devote in something which will help your business grow.

How can we help you?

We at Stallion Cognitive, not only help you put up SEO friendly, smart websites to bring in more customers but also take care of your website so that your business growth does not stop at any point because of some bug in your website.

We take care of your website, keep it up to date and up to the market standards, taking care of a website is a very time-consuming job, but it is very necessary to do, because your website is your image in the outside world.

Your website is the first impression you make on your customers and we all know that first impressions last forever so it should be fantastic!

So we at Stallion Cognitive, take care of your websites so you can take care of your clients and let the profits flow in.

We offer our care plans at genuine rates and with a variety of plans so you can choose which care plan suits your best and be free from worrying out the functioning of your website and let us do the labor!

I hope you found this article helpful.
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