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Written by Aditya Raj Singh on September 25, 2022
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Essentials Your Business Website Contact Page Must Have!

A "Contact Us" page is more than adding another page to your site. It's one of your most important pages and has to be handled accordingly. An informative contact page may help you retain existing customers and introduce your business to potential ones.

Moreover, contact us page can reassure customers that someone is paying attention to their concerns. Customers who have had a poor experience due to a missed shipment or damaged products can be answered if you make it simple for them to contact you if anything goes wrong. Customers want reassurance that you will be there to correct any problems.

Finally, being accessible to answer queries helps turn interested visitors into paying customers. When buyers hesitate to purchase, they usually need more time to gather information or decide.

However, contact pages aren't usually made with the utmost care. Inadequate information, such as a contact number or social media connections, an out-of-date design, or a lack of user-friendliness, all contribute to a frustrating experience for the consumer. If your company's contact page is poorly designed, you risk alienating potential customers and losing them forever to a rival.

Find out what essentials should be included on your "contact us" page so that customers can quickly find how to get in touch with your company and get the information they need.

5 Essentials for a Rocking Contact Us Page

Business Phone Number

Even though most individuals are likely to contact you through email, some will prefer to talk to you directly over the phone. Should a phone number be shown on a "contact us" page? Various experts have different theories. Some people feel that not having one conveys the wrong impression to site visitors.

As a result, your consumers might see you as less approachable and concerned with their needs. However, many argue that, depending on your specialty, you may get away without including it. In addition, you will probably avoid receiving unwanted marketing calls.

You should always be visible if your business accepts phone calls. Make sure the number is set up as “tap to call”, so that a mobile user can tap the phone number and call you instantly.

But, if you choose not to give out your phone number, respond quickly via other means of contact.

Business Address

Nothing is more annoying than a company that refuses to disclose its physical location. Customers are becoming more suspicious of companies who falsely claim to be based in their area when they are really based on another continent.

The audience's confidence in you will increase significantly if you display your address. The ability to receive visitors at your location is a huge convenience for those trying to find you.

Add your physical address to your website's contact us section if you have one. After all, if they don't know where to find you, they can't visit you. Include the following contact information to help prospective customers find you:

  • Correct address, including state, city, area code, etc.
  • Business hours
  • Directions
  • Parking information

You may exclude your physical address if your company operates only online and clients never need to visit your physical location.

Google Map

An interactive Google map of your company or location is a great addition to a contact us page. Your company's location, address, star ratings, and reviews will all be shown on a map as a Google pin. Including this map on your site is a terrific idea if you do it right. It's a widget that displays a summary of your company to site visitors.

Your website would benefit greatly from having a map for many key reasons:

  • Customers can acquire directions to your store without leaving your website, increasing your site's conversion rate. You only need to direct them to your website's map functionality.
  • It's simple to find your company's contact details. You may add a Google Map to your website to show customers where you are located, how to get there, what services you provide, and even how highly rated those services are by previous customers.
  • Nearby attractions, parking, dining, entertainment, and recreational opportunities may all be highlighted on a map. If your customers are having trouble pinpointing your store's location, they might look up the surrounding neighborhoods for guidance.
  • The map may help encourage people to stay on your site for a longer amount of time.

Contact Form

Why? Because it's a useful tool for gathering the information you need to better understand and classify leads. Unfortunately, many individuals find the use of contact forms to be annoying.

Some people are reluctant to fill out forms for fear of never hearing back from the company (perhaps because they have experienced this in the past). Some people just don’t like filling forms out. 

Clearly stating when people may expect to hear back from you helps mitigate some of the pitfalls of contact forms. Also, be sure to include some kind of contact information, even if it's only an email address.


By providing a link to your frequently asked questions, you'll make it easier for your visitors to get the answers they're looking for on their own. One benefit is that assistance or customer service may be provided to a prospective client more quickly, especially outside of normal business hours, and at a lower cost.

You'll find that a lot of shoppers have similar concerns. They might have questions about the shipping process, including how long it takes, how much it costs, and whether or not they need anything more to complete their order.

Consider including a Frequently Asked Issues (FAQ) section so that consumers can get answers to their questions without waiting for a response from your staff.

Social Media Details

A consumer may want to get in contact with you for any number of reasons. So, it's smart to provide social media account links. If you provide a link to your company's Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook page, you can direct them to more informal channels for communication.

Include your social media links, so that site visitors have another option for contacting you or knowing more about your company. Your visitor may be able to get in contact with you more quickly than by submitting a ticket or sending an email if you allow direct messaging on your accounts.

Final Thoughts

Your contact page doesn't have to be flashy to be effective. However, there are several key elements if you want it to serve you well. 

When creating a "contact us" page, include all necessary information, design the page carefully, and use it to humanize your company. Although it may take more time to make, the final product will be well worth the effort.

Let us know if you're struggling to create a great contact us page for your website. We have the perfect blend of talented designers, digital marketers, and proven techniques to create a contact us page to help you achieve your desired goals.

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