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Written by Aditya Raj Singh on July 4, 2020
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Why A Financial Planner Needs A Blog

We live in an era where no one can do without the internet, the consumption and production of content has grown to such an extent that one can’t really survive without a digital image, this condition falls mercilessly upon firms and business.

So to compete with others in the market, you put up your website and started posting on social media, still not a lot many people know about and interact with your Financial Firm, Then what more should you do to get the ball rolling?

What is wrong with your financial website?

Why aren’t you not getting more clients? Why are potential customers choosing your competitor's financial advice instead of you? The answer to end your misery is given in this article.

Finance, in particular, is a niche in which either people know it all or nothing at all, and for you to benefit your financial business, you need to educate your audience enough so that they start thinking and using your companies services.

But how can we do that, you ask?

he answer is quite simple, you need to educate and influence your audience by explaining to them about your business and motivate them to associate with your firm.

It does not matter how well known you are and how closely are you associated with the financial market leaders, even if you are a new bee starting a business in the financial world, you need to have a blog on your website to engage your visitors and provide them with valuable information.

Do this to get significant clients

When one gets in the race of financial businesses, people often chase getting enough clients to survive and even create profit for their business. But on the most experienced ones will tell you that the key to success in finance lies in getting more significant clients instead of securing enough clients.

And how would you do that? Create a financial blog space on your website and direct your maximum number of visitors there.

Yes, you heard it right! (You actually saw it, but I guess you got my point, chuckles) through an finance blog you can reach thousands of people, over and over again, provide them with information, knowledge, pathways, and the desired motivation to go ahead and take up your services.

By now you must be thinking how a blog can help you fetch clients and to some, it might even sound stupid, but it actually is practical and help you grow your business and help you reach people, you never thought you’d influence.

What are the benefits of blogging?

Here, let me convince you a little more about the idea of starting your financial blog by listing some of the benefits it will provide to you and your finance company.

Attract Potential customers

Blogging is a great way of getting in touch with your customers and potential customers. Social media and all is fun, but blogging is the one full proof method to keep your audience informed about the schemes and services, latest product offerings. Let’s not forget about the potential customers it will attract to your investment firm, and let’s be honest, everyone wants to expand their businesses to its full potential.

Search engine ranking

“I have a website but I don’t want it to rank” said no one ever! Along with attracting clients, you bog will help you increase your ranks in search engines.

How? It’s simple, adding good, value worth and SEO enriched blogs on your website will help it rank because they are filled with keywords which your potential clients search on Google and then guess what? They find you amongst other leading financial websites.

Trust amongst clients

A business website which holds the information about the business, like how it works, what it does, who gets the things, they get more credibility amongst their clients.

Want to know why? It’s because people believe what they see and when they see about your firm, they get a feeling that they know you, thus they trust you and just like that, a simple visitor on your website turns into a potential client.

One of the biggest challenges financial advisor faces is to earn the trust of your prospective client. It is relatively easy to earn someone’s trust face to face, but what can one do when your clients meet you online. It is very difficult to encourage someone to trust you with their money and to earn this trust, value worth bogs will help you.

Sell your services

Blogs don’t only confine themselves to giving out information, but they also hold credibility in selling your services and pitch to your visitors to actually take them up. Once you have earned the trust of your readers with the help of your blog and articles, they will surely have look at the services you offer. Having a services CTA (call to action) or sidebar on your blog will inform them as to exactly what services you offer, and thus what you can do for them.

They are different from your social media listings

Many people say they do not need a blog because they are too troublesome to create and they can easily pitch their services to the clients through social media. I would say this thought process in partially correct. Everyone will agree it takes a lot of time, effort and information to make a blog but it is worth it because reading a good blogs makes your reader understand that you have put in a lot of time, effort, hard work and knowledge in it, so you must possess it encouraging them to invest in your business.

But blogging is so outdated

Now some of you may have this question that if everyone is blogging and that too for many years now, then why should you invest your time in it because it is so common. For your answer, I’d say, Yes it is very common, but no, it has never proven to be ineffective.

Blogging is the one full-proof way to reach your target audience with the information they desire and further build their trust in the company. If you need a boost up for your website, if you need your audience to trust you and invest with you, you need to win their trust and a good blog will help you do so.

What should I put in my finance blog?

Now, let’s get to know if you start blogging on your investment website, what all types of content can you put up to get the most out of it.

In the niche of investment, the target audience are those who have to potential and interest in it, so, blogs which provide information about the niche are most liked. These articles are framed to provide knowledge to the visitor and then pitch that the offered can be achieved by associating with the firm. Along with these, articles on the company, services offered, and more blog-like these attract the most visitors.

Once you start posting blogs on your website, making sure that they add value to its reader, the trust built will pay as customers which will further boost your business. So you must think about and implement by putting up an financial blog on your finance firm’s website.

Things you need to keep in mind while blogging

Because you have decided to put up a blog on your website by now, you must know the following tips to retain the most out of your bogs for you.

Identify your target audience

The most effective financial blogs address a narrow but carefully defined audience. For example, you might target young couples who are struggling with budgets, raising a family, but their priorities cannot be mixed with other professional people and your blog need to focus on the needs of the young couple’s personal challenges. Emphasize, so your targeted readers feel as if you’re speaking directly to them. You will stand out from your competitors.

Accentuate the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) factor

Clients and prospects will only read your blog if you show them “What’s in it for me?” Because let’s be honest, who has the time to read it all? So, the trick here is to get them excited about how your topic will improve their financial and personal lives and how will they get benefit from you and your services.

Use catchy, informative titles and headings

Make sure to convey the main points of your articles or blog posts to your readers right away. Use can use strong words to make it appealing to your clients.  For example, which article would you read? The one which is titled “IRA Records” or the one “Save Your IRA Records Now, Or Pay More Taxes Later”? Injecting WIIFM into your title will pull in the many people who only skim most written materials.

Contact information

Give readers a reason to share their contact information with you. You’re blogging to bring people in touch with you. So offer them a free financial report, seminar, newsletter, or consultation in return for their contact details like email address. Target their WIIFM with your freebie and require little or no information beyond the readers email addresses to yield the maximum number of leads for your business.

Use Keywords

Identify and use keywords to make your blog visible. If you know your target audience well and have drafted the services you’d like to market to them, then you can identify the keywords they’ll use to search for financial advisors like you on Google. Use these words throughout in your blog, especially in your titles and headings.

Write Consistently

You need to post regularly to develop an ongoing relationship with your views. Businesses tend to lose readers if they go without posting for weeks at a time, potential clients just don’t trust these types of businesses. If it’s hard to come up with ideas or to write at busy times of the year, you can always use copywriters and invite guest bloggers on your website. You just need to keep the cycle running.

Keep your writing and message clear

Write clearly and concisely. When readers feel they’re slogging through a swamp of unclear words, they will abandon you. Clear, short, direct prose is usually best. Have an objective reader review your text. Avoid common punctuation and grammatical errors. You may think no one notices such mistakes, but trust me, they do!

In worst cases, they might even get an impression of you being sloppy with your clients financial assets the same way you are with your words. To avoid this problem, you can hire a proofreader to help you with this.

Final Verdict

Simply by blogging on your website, you can get attention from your clients, who when come to your website, stay and read the blogs, decreasing your website’s bounce rate. Blog's make your SEO game stronger helping your website rank attracting more people to your financial business. You see the circle created here.

When you have earned sufficient trust amongst your clients, you will see them taking up your services and this will boost your business to thrive more.

Also, even if you find writing a blog hard and troublesome, you can always hire a content writer or a copywriter who can do them for you because these will help you and your business a lot in the longer run.

Happy blogging 🙂

I hope you found this article helpful.
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